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not a girl, not yet a werebeast

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[content warning: slurs, rape culture, general misogyny]

Hi! I’m Persephone. I enjoy food, shopping, and being a fake geek girl.

Wait, what?

Let’s back up a moment.

I love to watch recent geek-culture movies like those in the Marvel (and also DC) cinematic universes and the recent Star Treks. But I have never read Marvel comics. I have never watched any of the original Star Trek series. I don’t really want to, either (well - maybe one day).

Because of this, I have been on occasion referred to as a fake geek girl. Fake geek. An intruder. An imposter. Because I enjoy certain popular aspects of geek culture casually.

Before we move onto the obvious flaws in calling me, personally, a fake geek girl, let’s point out how fucking misogynistic geek culture is towards women and girls. Have you ever heard of a “fake geek boy”? Me neither. I know plenty of men who only casually enjoy the Marvel cinematic universe, the Star Trek movies, Star Wars, etc. I know fucking loads of them. And when I asked a few of my friends, they had NEVER been accused of intruding into the space of the ~true~ geeks.

The term seems to have shown up mainly due to cosplay. As many of us are aware, most women in geek culture are dressed in revealing clothing. Catsuits, cleavage windows, weird thongs that manage to not actually go up ass cracks, barely-there armor. “Wait, Persephone,” you say, “men get objectified in geek culture too!”

Shut the fuck up. Male power fantasies are not the same as the objectification of women.

So the story goes, women in geek culture dress up as these characters and BAM! Fake geek. Get out. Not welcome. Let me masturbate to your photos though! Why are you being such a bitch? You’re just here for the attention. Whore. Slut. Can I touch your tits?

Suddenly, with the popularity of cosplay mounting and geek culture getting mainstream exposure, we are surrounded by fake geek girls. Girls who aren’t fluent in Klingon but love the atmosphere of the Enterprise and DARE to think that Chris Pine is a cute Kirk, women in outfits that took hundreds of hours and thousands of their dollars to create. Young women dipping their toes into a male-dominated space that has long cried over the lack of women in its’ ranks (we’ve always been there, you dipshits), just to get their whole leg cut off in a chorus of jeers from elitist men who want to judge these girls for what they do not yet know.

Fake geek girls, growing up on a steady diet of video games and having never played as a female character because there aren’t enough of them because they all die or are kidnapped at the beginning of the game. Fake geek girls, earliest memories of watching Star Wars but not knowing that Chewbacca is from a planet named Kashyyyk, nevermind being able to pronounce it. Fake geek girls, taking home ec and getting summer jobs to buy a shitty old sewing machine because she loves the characters you love but has no idea that you’ll scream rape threats at her, posting her costume online and collectively shaming her. Fake geek girls, seeing a poster for a movie that starred a cute guy, sitting through the whole thing surrounded by mouthbreathing douchebags who would cut her throat and enjoying the time and money spent anyway.

I’m a fake geek girl. I dare to casually enjoy your fandoms on opening weekend in crowded theaters. I know close to nothing about Vulcan societal customs and it’s possible that I never will. I do not always remember who is DC and who is Marvel and I don’t think it’s a big deal to be perfectly honest. I haven’t read any of the ASOIAF books and I don’t particularly want to.

Instead, I know all about the mythology of Stargate and still need to know what happened after Atlantis crashed into San Francisco Bay. I want to be Mara Jade when I grow up because why wouldn’t I want to be Mara Jade, she’s fucking cool. I have a decent working knowledge of the Halo universe because watching playthroughs is good enough for me.

So you call us fake geek girls because we don’t meet an arbitrary level of devotion to x, y, and z franchises? Because we got your attention and weren’t sorry for it? Ha.

We don’t fucking need your validation.

(edit from the future: remember that time i said i wasn’t sure i wanted to ever watch star trek tos? HAHAHAHA now my life is star trek tos)

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